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Greater Manchester residents turned out to share and listen to poems inspiring hope for our fifth annual Words of Hope poetry evening, on Thursday 5th October, part of Greater Manchester’s Month of Hope.

The event took place in the stunning Stretford Public Hall Ballroom and was compèred by Salford poet “J” Ahmed. So many amazing poems were shared by Greater Manchester residents. Our youngest audience member was just 7 weeks old and his mum dedicated her poem ‘Joel’ to him and our youngest poet to perform was 13 year old Domantas who received a standing ovation for his poem shared below.


When you’re feeling down and you don’t know how to cope

When you think it can’t get better look out for a glimmer of hope

Like a falling star it’s not that rare

If you look around it will be somewhere

Hope is expectation and desire

A warm feeling in your heart that starts a fire

It gives us the drive to continually strive and fills us with joy at being alive

Hope is intangible, and yet it is there

Powerfully sleeping, as a bear in his lair

We call on hope when we are feeling abysmal

It supports us, buoys us up so we don’t lose our fizzle

It’s a mental medication to keep us intact and that is truly a very important fact

We can call on it in our hour of need, all we have to do is sow that seed

It’s the human nature to hope, it is the only way we learn how to cope

By Domantas


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