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Help is at Hand Booklet

A guide to help support you after someone may have died by suicide

At A Loss

Information about services to support people who are bereaved and offers dedicated support for men.

Cruse Bereavement Care

Support for people who are bereaved, including for those who have experienced an unexpected or traumatic bereavement.

The Good Grief Trust

Advice and guidance from people who have also been bereaved. It has information about the stages of grief and information for each person’s relationship to the person that has died, such as parent, sibling, grandparent, friend and partner.

Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service

Counselling support for members of the Jewish community who have been bereaved.

Military Community

Information and services for people who are part of the Military community.

Muslim Bereavement Support Services

Support for Muslim parents after the death of a child: face to face, group, helpline support in several languages.

Sue Ryder

Free online bereavement counselling sessions with qualified counsellors over video chat. It is also home to an online bereavement community, where bereaved people can share their stories and support each other.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SoBS)

A service for people over the age of 18 that have been affected by suicide. SOBS has a helpline, email support, an online forum and local supports groups.

Gambling with Lives

Support for families who have been bereaved by gambling related suicides.

Child Bereavement UK

Support to families who are affected by the death of a child and for bereaved children. As well as a helpline, there is an online live chat and information on how to help children who may have lost someone to suicide.

Child Death Helpline

A confidential helpline that offers support to anyone affected by the death of a child or any age, under any circumstance, however recent or long ago. The helpline has experienced interpreters and work with speakers of any language.

The Compassionate Friends

A charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents who work to support bereaved families who have lost a child or children of any age, and from any cause. It has a helpline, community forum, Facebook groups as well as grief companions. It also offer advice on legal matters.

Cruse Bereavement Care

Support for people who are bereaved, including for those who have experienced an unexpected or traumatic bereavement.

Hope Again

Cruse Bereavement Care’s website for young people. It’s a safe place for young people to work through their grief in their own time and way with support.

Winston’s Wish

Specialist bereavement support for children, young people and their families who have a military connection.

Care for the Family

Help for people facing family difficulties, including bereavement support for all the family. There is a network of befrienders who have also experienced a loss that offer peer support over the telephone

Background Circle
Background Circle

For people with learning disabilities and autism


Information to support people with learning disabilities following a bereavement, including easy read guides.

National Autistic Society

Guidance on how to support people with Autism who are bereaved.

Practical information

Citizens Advice

Practical information on what happens after someone dies and what you may need to do. It explains how to register a death, about the coroner, funeral arrangements and guidance on financial matters.

Suicide Bereavement UK's Death Notification Form

Notifying agencies of a family member’s death is an extremely difficult task when you're bereaved so Suicide Bereavement UK has developed a form to make this process easier.